Tuesday, June 26, 2012

song of my heart

So this is it
My search is over
You've filled a void I wasn't aware of

Every wrong door and its wrong exit
I'll finally accept it
'Cause it led me to you

Oh my heart's home is you
The fiction I've dreamt of is finally reality with you
And you make me so happy
That I'm scared to move
Honey I love, love you

So this is love
I must not have known it
I don't know what right I've done to deserve this

So let's get married tomorrow
Cause I can't stop trembling
I've done enough waiting
Wanna be there with you

Oh my heart's home is you
The fiction I've dreamt of is finally reality with you
And you make me so happy
That I'm scared to move
Honey I love, love you

Thursday, June 14, 2012


does anybody else know about TweetDeck? am i the only one finding out now?!

i installed it on my computer at work and it's basically one of my favourite downloaded app/program/desktop amazingness. for those who stumble across my blog and also have no clue what tweekdeck it (thank you!), it's basically a program that you download onto your computer and it opens up as this separate window from everything else (internet browser, word document, etc. basically its own thing). it has unlimited! columns, similar to a twitter feed but you can customize to your preference. you can create "lists" of people on twitter, so only their tweets appear in that list column. you can also add a column for a specific twitter account so they have their separate, unique column on your 'deck' and you can also see your replies/interactions and people's tweets all on the same window! it's pretty awesome and i do applaud the creator and whoever came up with the idea. now that that's all said and now, there there are still some pros and cons.

  • besides everything I listed above in that paragraph full of long run-on sentences...? just the availability and easiness of use. The deck has a black background, which for me specifically is a pro because I like the variability between sites with black or white backgrounds. For example, Facebook white, Twitter can be changed to black. Or dark colours. 
  • It is its own separate window. I am fortunate enough to be working at a place where browsing social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are not exactly prohibited, but neither encouraged. Also, I follow a few of my coworkers on Twitter so it's kind of great to be able to see a part of them in social media. Back to the point, when I have a lot of windows open or tabs open in my Internet browser, it's a little annoying to have one of them be Twitter and I just find it a lot easier having it separate from everything else. That way, it stays closed when needed and I can maximize it when I have some downtime. 
  • It also updates automatically, unlike Twitter. I don't know if it does the opposite for anybody else, but my Twitter website prompts me to load new tweets. TweetDeck just does it! 

  • What about MY tweets? There doesn't seem to be a column or even an option to view your own tweets unless you click to view your profile. I like being able to click on my profile and at least see what I've been tweeting, it gives me a good idea of if I'm retweeting too much (so guilty of this), or only replying to people instead of tweeting my own tweets. toomanytweetsinaparagraph
  • I just realized how selfish and arrogant that first pro title would seem but moving on...(I promise I am not that way), @Me - this seems to be the column that only lists tweets that are directly to you, as in "@insertyourusernamehere talk talk talk tweet" but that's very similar to the "Interactions" column. That lets you see all of your interactions, just like @Mentions on the regular Twitter newsfeed, so I don't entirely understand the point of it, just a teeny bit redundant. 
  • The dark background. I know I listed this as a pro but at times, I do wish it was a lighter shade or at least had the option of being a different colour. Customize-able! That's one feature of the Twitter website that's pretty handy. But this isn't even worth mentioning compared to all of the wonderful other features about it. 
I got the inspiration to write this from my using-TweetDeck these last couple of days (literally yesterday and today) and also some Twitter articles I had stumbled upon through a friend on Twitter. Social media really does have its benefits at times. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Or patty's?

I believe it's the first one. I was waiting for the subway to come when I noticed one lady taking a bite out of a pattie, most likely bought from the local subway station shop. I didn't make a deal out of it until I noticed another lady, munching away on hers while she waited a couple of feet away from me. I'm a people person, but I'm also a people observer. Hopefully that will explain any future utterances that make me sound like a creeper when really, I take in a lot of information when I look at people. She had a laptop bag that looked pretty full as well as a purse and had this rushed kind of expression on her face. For some reason, this weird observation of two women eating patties while waiting for the same subway train to arrive made me think..."What's so good about patties anyway?"

(I looked it up and it's patty singular and patties plural. Jamaican mahn.)

I guessed that it was because it was either a quick dinner or a snack on the go, because those little patties couldn't pack in THAT many nutrients and good stuff for your body. Other reasons include the simplicity of a patty, the availability of it, the taste, the fact that it wasn't too messy or too crumbly when being eaten, so on and so forth.

Anyway, that was just my two cents of thoughts for the day that I made sure to make a mental note of so that I could write it here. That last sentence was so poorly written...I don't even want to go back and fix it up.

I also ended up on the escalators twice today without realizing. The first time, I was more interested by the reason why two women were just standing at the very end of the stairs leading up to the bus platform, and down to the middle platform between buses and subways. But I had found myself caught there too previously, because it's the last place you get cell reception without going completely underground. The second time, I forced myself to stay put instead of climb or descend after realizing that I was once again on an escalator.

Oh, and I've also excluded the elevator at my work place from this use-stairs! goal. Partly because the only way for me to get into the office from the stairs is to hope somebody opens the door when I knock. I don't have the keys/swipething to get in. The other possible reasons is because small, more enclosed-like stairs and 3+ flights usually don't go well in my brain.

And to think, I was going to try and do the CN Tower climb sometime. Oh, wishful me.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the reason Why

I started this particular blog with a very high goal: become one of those fashion blogs that inspire people. But I've known for a long time and still do that it's not something...I can so easily attain. And now that I've taken from time off from all of my Blogger blogs, I've come up with a new goal, a goal I had initially set as a "New Year's Resolution" but let it fall through just a week later.

To write more.

And not about things that make me see hipster or cool or intelligent or unique, but things that are just me. Things that occur to me, that I think, things that I find interesting or just quirky or that make me laugh. Things that I do or say or want to live by or remember a few weeks down the road.

For instance, I've recently established a new goal for myself:

Use stairs, not escalators.

I don't know about you but this one's a little hard, for many reasons:

  1. Escalators are faster. 
  2. Stairs means more exercise. 
  3. Escalators are faster.
  4. More exercise means being reminded that I am out of shape. 
  5. Escalators are faster. 
But despite these reasons, I put myself to the test, starting today actually. And I am proud to say that day one, my friends, was a success. Now onto day two.