Friday, September 23, 2011

dinner with mi madre et hermano

this was what i wore for a quick dinner out with my youngest brother and my mom. i was and am now in my high school's swim team's sweatpants and my UofT hoody, but thought that if i was going to go out of the house for dinner, i might as well put some effort in it.

i wore the same shirt earlier during the day with a pair of skinny jeans and some boots, as well as my trench coat -- BUT mother nature had some very rainy plans for the day and i had immediately changed out of it once i got home. here's what i did with the shirt for dinner!

sweater; Zara // button shirt; Dynamite // belt; Forever 21 // scarf; Gap // leggings; Dynamite


...of repeating outfits. ...this entire week.

i didn't remember to take a picture (and if i did, it was already nighttime and i was ready to change straight into my sweatpants and hoody) but i had worn the same outfit on saturday and on monday. and then i proceeded to do the exact same for tuesday and wednesday of this week.

AS monday (or was it tuesday) outfit, i managed to snap a picture of the top part as i was waiting around for some...thing. all i was wearing on the bottoms were a pair of leggings and some dark grey keds.

sweater; Gap // belt; Forever 21

Sunday, September 18, 2011


today, i decided to grab as much of what warmth was left of the summer sun and put together this outfit for church. i may not have pictures, but i changed shoes and skirts two other times after lunch; the second outfit was an olive green long skirt and a pair of Gap sandals, and the third a black long skirt and my black TOMS. without further ado, here are the pictures! (credits go to my brother, who had some difficulty taking pictures but these were what turned out the best on my iTouch)

i can't say where the belt is from because i honestly don't remember. i know that i've had it since junior high. 

leather jacket; Danier // shirt; Gap // skirt; Designer Depot // wedges; Geox (via Browns) // purse; H&M

navy blue

one of the colours or the primary colour that i've been getting into once summer started fading away was navy blue. that, and there's something about the combination of that blue and the tan, beige-like colour. anyway, this post doesn't even include the shirt that's coming up to mind but it does include this outfit, which in all was pretty navy. my trench coat (from previous post) is also a navy blue but i chose not to wear it for the pictures.

sweater; Urban Outfitters // belt; Forever 21 // jean leggings; Levis

and just to start the morning properly, here's a picture of my face and a silly expression that i took last night.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

beginning of a project

i find it a little odd that i actually got myself started on this but i think this is purely for my own interests and curiosity than for any other reason. yes, even the reason of me always wanting to have my own fashion-related blog.

i suppose i should explain this project, if not to whoever stumbles upon this blog then to myself: i have a lot of clothes. i have clothes that i don't wear, clothes that i neglect, clothes that i wear a lot, clothes that i wear when the season changes, clothes that i pull out on occasion and clothes that i just forget i have. lots of different 'kinds' of clothes. 

en bref, this is a blog where i'll post pictures of my daily outfits, whenever i remember to take a picture. so to start us off properly, it's already mid-september and believe it or not, it was already cold enough to pull out my trench coat during the first week of september! 

the trench coat was bought last fall, the scarf this summer and the boots are old. yes, old. this was my outfit on september 7th, taken while i was waiting for the bus to go teach piano. 

trench coat; Tommy Hilfiger // scarf; Gap // boots; Feet First (now called Locale)