Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spring List

I've been meaning to list it down somewhere and since I've got some time on my hands before dinner tonight, I figured I would put it here on my supposibly fashion/style-oriented blog. This is basically going to be an entry dedicated to items that I would like to save up for this spring (most, if not I am writing this and not planning to scroll up and edit this section...will be items from Gap. quite frankly, it's because I work there and in all honesty, their spring stuff is so, so lovely).

On we go!

1. Red pants: I've been eyeing these pants since the shipment shift when they first came in. I finally got around to trying on a pair and I was reassured once again that red is one of the best colours for me, colour-wise. Regular price $79.95

Since we're on the topic of jeans/pants and Gap, I've been meaning to snag a pair of dark wash Real Straight jeans, black Always Skinny and hopefully a distressed pair of skinnies this summer (I'd bought my first and only pair of distressed jeans the first summer I worked at Gap and they are hands down my favourite pair...which might explain why I haven't worn them very frequently either). 

2. Lightweight infinity scarf (in pink heather): I've written it out pretty specifically because this scarf has a full list of why it needs to be purchased by me sometime in the near future. First, it's lightweight and sheer -- perfect for spring. Second, it's a muted pink-rose colour, which usually isn't the colour I would go for but I figured that if I was going to start being more bold with my colours this season (aka get red pants), I should also try to get some more nude into my wardrobe as well. It also contrasts nicely with my skin, instead of washing me out. $19.95

3. Colour blazer: Colour, in this case, means red. This ponte blazer also comes in a bright green and purple but who was I kidding, thinking that green would work. I haven't tried it on yet and it looks a lot more coral-like in the picture and also in person, so we'll see how well it'll work out. I'm realizing that with what colourful items I'm getting, the only things I can think of to match them are a pair of denim jeans and a white shirt. I'm boring sometimes. $79.95

4. Oxfords: These are the Soft lace-up oxfords in grey. Mind you, Gap shoes are not the best for long work shifts or even days spent walking for hours on end. BUT they are cute and also have succeeded in putting out these shoes. I admit it, they're cute. They also look so practical, as in they can go with anything. I'm boring, once again, so I figured I would go with the grey ones. They've also got this muted pink colour that I could see myself settling with. $59.95

5. The perfect Oxford shirt: The story behind getting this shirt would only be understood if you knew what happened to my previous blue dress shirt. Short story: it got bleach spotted and was not only completely light blue. This seems like the perfect alternative and shirt to take its place and it's really soft and wearable in more than one way. $54.95

6. Brown leather jacket: I'm adding this one in as last, because it's definitely the one staple item that I've been hunting for, for the longest time. I recently found one that fit well and seemed to work but it was listed as $300. I shop a lot and all but it's still hard for me to put don $300 for one item right away. My black one still works fine for me, but I've been really digging the dark brown, brown colour for leather jackets in the past year at least.

There you have it. Now the wanna-be-fashionista is satisfied and I can go check in on dinner because I definitely want some food in my stomach, stat. Hope whoever you are stumbling across this page enjoys the read and the pictures! The first 5 are from or whereas the leather jacket is inevidently from Danier.

- S