Thursday, August 2, 2012


i am now officially...a shoeaholic.

not that i never was that, but i can fairly say that after this past month, i have bought 4 pairs of shoes, 3 of which were heels and all were from naturalizer.

why naturalizer? because they fit my feet so amazingly well. it's like when you find the one store that sells clothes that just flatter your body shape and hug your curves the right way. it's like that now, but for my feet.

anyway, i guess i should really get it out there. the first things that were probably my biggest shoe purchase and courtesy of my parents (so technically, i didn't buy them) were my new birks:

i am a serious fan and have been very hesitant for years. one big reason: price. it never made sense to me to pay more than $50 on a pair of shoes that i knew would only last my feet a couple of seasons. birks have been popular for years now and although i'm really not into the Gizeh look (the one t-shape kind), i felt like this could make up for the natural bulky look of birkenstocks. i have almost successfully molded them to my feet's shapes and desires and until then, it's still a small pain to break them in. 

the next three are from naturalizer. i have no regret, no shame and no remorse. they all fit wonderfully, i've worn the black ones already and they lasted a night of standing at this club (i was there for an event, okay) 

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